Respect for a code of ethics

In a globalized world where the rules of international trade are often heterogeneous, it is essential to respect a code of ethics that we wish to share with our customers and partners.
This charter is not only a declaration of ethical intent but is above all a founding document expressing the professional and moral values of the founding partners of MARCOTEC These values have always shaped their professional lives.

MARCOTEC is a staunch defender of the values of freedom, transparency and accountability. Its founding members are based on an ethical basis that guarantees respect for individuals and institutions.

The company MARCOTEC and its members have the duty to respect without prevention a moral ethic based on respect for individuals, communities and cultures.

The company MARCOTEC and its members have the duty to respect the legal framework of the countries in which they work and in general any form of legality.

MARCOTEC is committed to monitoring and applying the evolution of policies, legislation and professional charters in the countries in which it is required to work.

The company MARCOTEC and its members have the duty to refuse any activity that would be contrary to the interests of their clients and partners, whether at the level of individuals, or in the economic and public sphere.

MARCOTEC defends its independence and autonomy through total control of its capital.

The company MARCOTEC and its members have a duty of excellence vis-à-vis their customers and partners, in order to offer high level commercial services. They rely for this on a team of founders and experts of the most efficient.

MARCOTEC and its members are committed to the utmost confidentiality in their activities for the benefit of their customers and partners.

MARCOTEC and its members defend an approach, a culture and expertise that exclude any dogmatic or corporatist position.

MARCOTEC and its members are committed to continuously developing a positive entrepreneurial spirit that respects the values of all. They are committed to collaborating with selected and integrated partners in a demanding team passionate about the development of relations between Morocco and the rest of the world.

MARCOTEC and its members undertake to collaborate with their customers and partners in a spirit of total transparency.

MARCOTEC engages in fair competition and protects itself from corruption by promoting the establishment of a relationship of trust within the company and within the framework of its activities.

MARCOTEC preserves the free play of competition that can be distorted when companies engage in acts of corruption or agree with competitors and maintains its competitiveness by requiring its executives to constantly improve.
MARCOTEC thus, protects its reputation by establishing a relationship of trust with the market, and by demonstrating that it always acts with total integrity.