MARCOTEC has acquired exclusive representation rights in Morocco of the Muller automotive brand for the various garage equipment.

The MARCOTEC range of equipment and services for workshops and garages is based on the synergy between the connected vehicle and the connected workshop. Alongside the professionals in the field of vehicle maintenance and repair, MARCOTEC has made the connected workshop a major focus of its equipment and services offering, an offer motivated by the workshops’ productivity gains.

The connected vehicle follows the same approach and reinforces this offer in a more global ecosystem. The development of this service-oriented offer is one of the key success factors.

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The various pieces of equipment in the Muller automotive range take measurements on light vehicles, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (rigids, tractors, buses, trailers and semi-trailers). They also allow the inspection of severely damaged and crashed vehicles.



Installation and Commissioning

  • Install our equipment with our technical team and our authorized partners.
    Perform pre-installation visits, drawings, wiring, connection and all functional tests of our ACTIA MULLER hardware.
  • Ensure a configuration that complies with network recommendations and security standards.
  • Guide the user in the use of our equipment, advise him in his maintenance, make him aware of the safety rules, and remind him of the legal provisions to which he is subject.


After Sales Service and Maintenance Contract

  • Choosing a maintenance contract means controlling productivity while protecting investment. Maintaining the equipment allows it to extend its life and limit operational downtime
  • This contract also has the advantage of keeping the equipment in compliance with all normative requirements (metrological visit, ISO, security, etc.)
  • An efficient and efficient after-sales service, respond as quickly as possible and identify the need effectively, each member of the team of hot-line technicians is dedicated to a specific area